Lasercare Basic

The Printer Assist Lasercare Basic is a comprehensive service suite aimed at providing rock solid protection from the most common causes of printer failure and disruption. By utilizing certified techs with depth and experience, we are able to offer an outstanding solution for a cost-effective, flat fee. Ultimately, the goal of the Lasercare Basic is to maximize employee productivity via maximum printer uptime, to minimize business risks from printer failure, and to effectively manage printer support costs.

The Lasercare Basic suite includes:

  • Printer Monitoring and Maintenance
  • An Onsite Proactive Maintenance and Cleaning Every Six Months
  • Unlimited On call Onsite Support
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Warranty Fulfillment on Original Equipment Manufacturer Printers
  • Printer Documentation
  • Online Tracking of Each Printer Incident
  • Free Delivery of Toner with Guaranteed Lowest Price (OEM or Remanufactured)

Printer Monitoring and Maintenance
Printer Assist's biannual maintenance visits allow us more insight than ever before and gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently identify issues and resolve them with limited downtime or disruption to the end user. Each six months we come out to provide a thorough maintenance of your different printers. In the process, we tag each printer & obtain the serial number for our database. When reacting to issues we can provide a quick diagnosis with limited involvement by the end user. In addition to the reactive qualities, our proactive approach also allow us to generate detailed reporting that can show the health and status of your network printers at any given point in time. This provides solid information to work off of when failures occur. When intervention is required, we act immediately, usually resolving the issue an offsite or onsite visit.

Dedicated Account Manager
With Printer Assist, you have a dedicated account manager. As issues crop up, you have multiple ways to obtain service: (1) email, (2) online tracking, and (3) the ability to pick up the phone and contact your account manager. From Bay Area offices, we assess the issue and mobilize the proper technician to get it resolve the same day. For ongoing issues, your dedicated account manager tracks and acts until they are resolved. Having someone dedicated to your network makes sure you reduce or eliminate lost user productivity, dead printers, and reactive maintenance costs.

24x7 Unlimited Priority Support
It's essential for every business to know if their printers and copiers are running properly. Printer Assist priority support gives you that peace of mind by having someone available 24/7 to address issues that crop up. With our support structure, you'll never have to worry again about a printer going down for more for very long. Your dedicated account manager will determine which fixes are appropriate for your printers, ensure that all patches are installed properly, test your printers after the repair, and document all associated fixes. Printer Assist Lasercare ensures total coverage for your most important devices. Lasercare�fs printer monitoring is focused on analyzing the uptime, status, and availability of your core printer services on a 24x7 basis.

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What Do You Receive?


What is included:
How you will benefit:

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager can help diagnose problems remotely and chart the most efficient strategy for a quick fix

All call-outs

No hidden costs

All labor

No time related additional costs

All spare parts

Only genuine parts are fitted to maintain reliability unless otherwise specified by client

All preventative maintenance

Regular servicing reduces downtime

Online Tracking

Through our online tracking systems, client can log and track open printer issues.

Target response time 4 hours

Quick response means no backlog of work. Where a part is required, we will ship it overnight per the client's approval

Qualified technicians

Experienced technicians reduce downtime

First time fix ratio 98%

Low recall rates maximize up-time

Local technicians

Maintains response time, keeps continuity

Customer training programme

For the life of the equipment we will work with you as we perform basic maintenance tasks. This helps you to diagnosis rudimentary problems with out our onsite assistance

ISO 9002 service guaranteed

Quality control gives you peace of mind

Dedicated parts stock in car

70% of the time we can fix on first visit reducing downtime

National spares parts distribution

Minimizing technician request time, reducing fix time, shortening delays

Computerized work control

Call-tracking saves time

First contact fault finding

Can eliminate basic calls, saving time

Technician incentive scheme

Maximum performance between calls, pays bonuses to technicians encouraging quality workmanship, maximizing up-time


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